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How to download MovieBox on iPhone

Moviebox iOS is a great way to watch free movies and TV shows on iPhone or iPad mobile devices. For a quick, convenient, and detailed guide on how to download MovieBox on iPhone (iOS) (AKA Showbox APK) on iPhone and iPad, please proceed!

Downloading MovieBox on iPhone is very easy. Compared to setting up Showbox on a PC or Android device, it is very difficult to make Moviebox iOS (AKA Showbox APK) run on an iPad or iPhone iOS. Although we did our best in the following tutorial to simplify the process.

How to download MovieBox on iPhone
How to download MovieBox on iPhone

The following includes several methods to cover different iOS versions.

Based on our recommendations, choose the best way to find a valid copy and install APK Showbox on your iOS device.

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How to download MovieBox on iPhone:

A great feature of iPhone ’s MovieBox is that you can watch the content immediately or download it for later viewing. When using BitTorrent technical style services, please make sure that the VPN is turned on. Otherwise, your IP address and activities will be broadcast loudly and clearly on the torrent network. How to download MovieBox on iPhone can be helpful from here.

Is it ShowBox iOS or MovieBox iOS?

In this article, the names to get MovieBox and Showbox are used interchangeably. Depending on the method used, you may be asked to install one of them. These two free apps are almost the same in every way.

It is recommended to download Moviebox iOS and Showbox iOS. This will ensure that you get a backup in case of other difficulties. When you are ready to use the Showbox iOS or Moviebox iOS app to watch movies, it is not a good time to find that the installed software has streaming problems.

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1: How to download MovieBox on iPhone using TutuApp

The TutuApp mobile app store is very popular among iOS and Android users. iPhone Jailbreak does not require the installation of the Tutu application, nor the root Android version.

When TutuApp is installed on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device, it is free, allowing users to download and install other advanced and modified applications on their devices for free. In addition to providing many excellent games that have been hacked, cracked, modified, and utility programs, Tutu App also provides functions that can be accessed without logging in.

You can easily access Moviebox iOS using the TuTu app.

Free third-party TutuApps undergo strict security checks before they can be downloaded safely. This alternative application store provides a super-fast and easy-to-use interface. You can also download multiple applications at once. TutuApp can also regularly release the latest information including new apps and games, keeping you up to date.

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Tutuapp also provides a VIP version of Tutuapp, which costs $ 12.99 per year, because it provides more new and exclusive games and applications, as well as event data functions.

One of the great advantages of the Tutuapp VIP version is that when watching movies on MovieBox iOS and other locations, no games will interrupt the advertisement, and Apple is unlikely to uninstall the TutuApp VIP application, so it may be helpful to check.

You can use TutuApp to quickly and easily start Movie Box iOS and Show Box APK.

Download TutuApp VIP or TutuApp VIP for iOS

Open Safari on the iOS device.

After installing Tutuapp, please go to “Settings”> “General Settings”> “Profile”> “Device Management”.

Find the Tutuapp certification and click to trust this application.

Then click install and launch TutuApp on iPhone / iPad.

Open Tutuapp, search, and install MovieBox.

After the installation is complete, you need to click “Trust” to use the application.

Connect your VPN, open MovieBox on iOS, and click!

  1. How to download MovieBox on iPhone using Cydia Impactor

How to install MovieBox IPA using Cydia Impactor

In this case, we will use this tool to install the IPA file on the iOS device.

Important note: Do not use Impactor “Run as administrator” on Windows 10, otherwise you will not be able to use drag and drop files. If you are running Windows or macOS on an iOS device, you need to install iTunes for this tool to work properly. However, you do not need to install Xcode to use Cydia Impactor.

First, download the MovieBox iOS IPA file to your iOS device.

Then download Cydia Impactor associated with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (32-bit), or Linux (64-bit).

Next, open Cydia Impactor.

Then, drag and drop the iOS IPA file downloaded in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor.

Then, Cydia Impactor will ask you to provide your Apple ID and pass, which will be verified by Apple. If you are unwilling to provide an Apple ID, you can create and use an alternate Apple ID.

After installing the application, go to Settings> General> Profile (or “Device Manager” / “Profile and Device Management”). Find the configuration file with your Apple ID and open it.

After that, press the trust button.

Now open the app and enjoy the movie!

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3: How to download MovieBox on iPhone using appvalley

AppValley is another popular third-party iOS app store that provides original, modified, and cracked games and apps similar to TutuApp. AppValley provides some custom applications, such as Movie Box HD (AKA Showbox iOS).

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to install AppValley and Movie Box on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Once you have the right to install AppValley or obtain a VIP, please open the Safari browser on the iOS device and visit the AppValley website.

You will see a pop-up window asking if you have permission to install the AppValley application. Click the install button and the installation will start like any other app store application.

Due to untrusted errors among enterprise developers, AppValley may not open after installation. If this is the case, go to General Settings> General> Device Management.

Search AppValley, and then click “Trust” twice to change the status of the application.

Open the application, press the “Library” button, and then click the “Browse” button under the application list.

Here, you can find a list of applications available for download, find MovieBox ++, and then click to download Movie Box for iOS using AppValley.

Then click Get.

If it does not open after installation, repeat step 3 again.

Click “Trust twice” until the MovieBox changes to the trusted state.

Now you can enjoy it in the iOS box movie app on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

4: How to download MovieBox on iPhone using tweakbox

TweakBox is another app store where you can install mobile apps without breaking the protection needed to run Moviebox iOS (Showbox APK). You can find TweakBox anywhere by providing a unique and constantly changing application. You can easily download and install TweakBox on your iPhone or iPad. Here is how to get the Moviebox TweakBox style:

Open Safari and go to After that, click the application download button, the site will prompt you to install the configuration file, and then click “Allow”.

Click Install in the upper right corner, and then click Install again. If you use a password to protect an iPhone or other iOS device, you will be prompted to enter the card.

After TweakBox is installed, you will see the TweakBox icon on the main screen. Click this icon to search for Moviebox and install the application.

After installing Movie Box, launch the application and you will see an Untrusted Enterprise Developer message. Don’t worry, please go to “Settings”> “General”> “Profile and Device Management” to repair it.

Find the configuration file corresponding to the application, and then open the configuration file. Click Trust> Click Trust again to confirm. The movie box will be available. Enjoy it

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